5 Skin Care Devices For a More Rejuvenated

5 Skin Care Devices For a More Rejuvenated

A skin care device can work to improve skin texture and tone, as well as reduce the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles. It uses LED light therapy to perform these functions. This

multifunctional beauty device features nine LED lamps beauty mall. It is recommended to use with water-
based skin care products. A skin care device may not be suitable for every skin type, but it is a

good choice for those who want to have a more rejuvenated look.

The rechargeable Starlite-LM is a photofacial device that offers clinical levels of red and infrared
light to reduce fine line facial wrinkles in just eight 20-minute sessions. The device does not
require any pain or downtime, and offers features like LED status indicators and an audible
treatment timer. It is also cordless, which makes it convenient to use anywhere. Here are a few
of its key features:
The NuFACE skin care device is a microcurrent device that claims to treat numerous skin
conditions and provide an anti-aging effect. However, the product’s website is lacking in citations
and information on its effectiveness. Instead of citing studies to support the device’s
effectiveness, the page references an archived webpage from 1982 that cites a rat study that did
not show that microcurrent devices can improve human skin.
FOREO is a breakthrough skin-cleansing device with silicone bristles and T-sonic technology.

Combined with your favorite facial cleanser, FOREO can give you clearer, brighter and healthier-
looking skin in 90 seconds. The system also analyzes your skin type to create personalized skin

care routines. Its unique features are perfect for sensitive and combination skin types. Foreo is
now available at Nordstrom and Ulta Beauty stores.

PMD Beauty
The PMD Beauty device works the same way as the treatments performed in a professional
clinic. Its patented spinning disc technology uses a vacuum suction to exfoliate dead skin cells.
This stimulates new skin growth and boosts circulation to reveal a smoother, more youthful
appearance. The device has four customizable modes to meet your specific needs, including the
“Spa Mode” for deep cleansing. This mode is the most gentle and does not use abrasive discs,
allowing you to choose the amount of pressure you need to get the job done.
The Expressionist skin care device contains two kinds of light: red and blue. Both lights

penetrate deep into the skin and are beneficial to skin health. Blue light is soothing and helps kill
bacteria, while green light refines pores and brightens skin. Vibration massage is also helpful in
eliminating discoloration, and topical heat of 104-107 degrees F promotes healthy blood
circulation. Red and infrared light penetrate deeply beneath the skin and repair damaged cells.