Adoption Agency – Reasons to Use One

Here are 10 reasons to use an adoption agency in the adoption process or if you are giving up a baby for adoption.

Giving up a baby is never easy. It’s important to have someone in your corner, someone who understands what you are going through, someone to explain your alternatives, someone to counsel you not make your decisions, and someone who knows the legal ramifications. A licensed trustworthy adoption agency can do this. Adoption agencies provide many services to the mother giving up her baby or to adoptive parents. They will help guide you along the treacherous waters of today’s challenges, give you helpful suggestions and protect you from sharks.

Trust. Trust in your agency is vital. You should check their references, their license, the number of adoptions they have handled and what year they began business. It would be a good idea to interview the people you will be working with. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about their schooling, their experience, and their placement numbers. If you don’t feel comfortable, go somewhere else.

Adoption Agencies will never try to coerce, they will help you make a decision and choice that is right for you. Many agencies have a program that helps both the one giving up the baby and the adopting parents create a plan best suited for their needs. They will help you to know and understand what questions to ask, how to work within the open or closed adoption parameters and how to deal with the after placement concerns.

Know the law. Licensed highly regarded agencies know the law. Today’s laws are complex and constantly in flux and the adoption agency will put you in contact with a legal team that is well versed in the law of the state where you are adopting or giving up a baby. If the legal end on the adoption is hap hazard and slovenly done, you may end up with more headaches than you bargained for.

Dignity and respect. Trust worthy adoption agencies will treat both the one giving up the baby and the adopting parents with respect. They are not there to judge you, but are there to help, encourage, counsel and protect you in your decision. A professional and licensed agency is there to help you succeed, not fail in your goal.

Financial assistance. State law dictates what expenses an adopting couple can pay and what expenses the mother giving up the baby can receive. A trustworthy agency will know this information and help you ask for financial assistance to help you with pregnancy related medical expenses and the cost of living. The adopting family will receive advice and counseling on how to obtain the needed funds needed in the adoption process.

Counseling. Look for an adoption agency that provides counseling to both the adopting parents and the one giving up the baby for adoption. Counseling helps you cope with the life altering changes you are going to make. It helps you understand your feelings and your ups and downs during the waiting and post-placement time. A reputable adoption agency will have licensed counselors who are especially trained in meeting your adoption needs.

Type of adoption. Adoption agencies can help you with the different kinds of adoptions, open, closed, private, and international. They can advise you of the pros and cons of each and help you make your decision, whether you are the adopting family or the one giving up the baby for adoption. They will never decide for you. There are pros and cons to each type of adoption, but the open adoption might give you more comfort and understanding if you are giving up the baby. However, you can also decide how “open” you want the adoption to be. The adoption agency will help you receive information about the adoptive families and make arrangements for you to meet them if you desire. You will also have the right to choose the adoptive family.

Legal rights. An adoption agency can work with the father, if you prefer, to have him sign off on his legal rights. They have attorneys they used who will explain and help you in signing all legal documents, such as your relinquishment and consent documents and the final legal documents for the court. The parent giving up the baby will not have to hire attorneys or go to court unless he/she wants to.

Licensed. There are many adoption agencies, but it is important to only work with a licensed adoption agency. This is for your protection.