How to choose the best baby cameras: the features to consider

How to choose the best baby cameras: the features to consider

When evaluating the technical specifications of a child surveillance camera, it is important to first consider what your specific needs are, which can vary according to both the age of the child baby swing and bouncer and the lifestyles of the parents.

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Here are some features and functions to consider when buying a baby camera:


First of all, therefore, you can define if you want to focus on cameras with integrated microphone.

The microphone can be essential to listen to what happens in the baby’s room during the night or if you have to spend time outside the home leaving the baby to grandparents babyjourney, older brothers or the babysitter.

If the budget allows it, it can always be convenient to focus on video cameras with microphone which, if necessary, can be deactivated when not needed.

Video quality

The quality of the video is another element that must be taken into consideration: having the possibility of a clear and clean vision is particularly important especially if you have to monitor a newborn, whose face is already small and often wrinkled and frowning.

Furthermore, it is important to focus on models that guarantee a detailed vision even during the night, that is, which are equipped with an Infra-Red with good resolution.


The quality of the connection is essential, especially for parents who work outside the home and want to be sure not to lose sight of the little one.

Poor connectivity between camera and base station will create problems in video transmission.

However, it should be emphasized that in principle, these cameras for home use have a good connection.

In any case, opting for video cameras for children that allow you to choose different communication technologies and, therefore, various frequencies, will always allow you to have a perfect connection, at all times.


Finally, it has already been anticipated that you can opt for free-standing cameras or wall-mounted models.

The former are more suitable for babies in a cradle: the camera can be positioned near the cradle so that it allows a perfect view of the baby.

When the baby begins to crawl, a support camera loses its usefulness as it would not be able to follow the baby’s movements.

In this case it may be more useful to focus on wall cameras, whether they are bullet or dome type, preferably equipped with motion sensors and with the possibility of following the child.

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How baby cameras work

The operation of the video surveillance cameras for children may differ depending on the model.

However it can be highlighted that there is a common denominator to all these products, namely the presence of a camera and a transmission system for the videos and images taken.

Transmission occurs in most cases wirelessly, although it is possible to find wired models to use in those areas where wifi connections do not guarantee good coverage.

The videos can then be viewed via computer or smartphone by downloading the specific app of the camera’s production company.

The operation can be different according to the models, that is to the functions: the various Baby Monitors allow to control different parameters according to the technical specifications of the room.

It will therefore be possible to have sensors for movement, fundamental for newborns for whom the control of every slightest gesture is very important, or the microphone to listen to any crying.

During the night, if you have a Baby Monitor with Infra-Red rays, you will not need to get up to check the baby’s sleep but it will be enough to view on the computer or on your mobile device if the baby is sleeping regularly.

Some particularly advanced models are also equipped with temperature and humidity sensors that allow you to assess whether the room is cooling or heating excessively for the health of the little one.